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Help your motivated patients get zero cavities by Being Practical and Fun!

Join the hundreds of dentists across the country making prevention easy!

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You already know the science for cavity prevention.
Focusing on snack foods is the missing link.
Even more importantly, making it fun can help motivate change
better than stale instructions.

If you are tired of some parents and patients ending up with
multiple cavities despite doing everything you recommend,
(even flossing and extra fluoride), or you feel like no one is listening,
the solution is easier than you think.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

"Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler."
-Albert Einstein 

By using my practical, no-nonsense approach,
there is actually hope in curing the cavity disease.
You don't need to give up any other part of your prevention program.
Focusing on the quality of carbohydrates will let you be
more effective
in what you are already teaching patients and parents.

Stickiness of carbs

Dried flour

is the worst

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Frequency of


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Highly processed


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I was tired of having moms cry in front of me when I diagnosed 8 cavities in their five year old. I started the research for my book and discovered that going back to the basics is what the science supports. The Stephan curve lasts 20 minutes. That is what we need to focus on. The most important variables are stickiness of carbohdyrates and frequency. (Yes, the other variables have some effect, but we can't control them, and lactic acid is what we can control.) Factors like genetics and the virulence of bacteria are what I call TBU- True, but useless. While we need researchers to figure that out for the future, focus on what we can do right now for results! For the sake of our own families, and our patient families.

What can we control? Eating less sticky, processed flour. When I finished residency, I had no idea crackers were about nine times as sticky as bread. Just recommending parents to eat toast or bagels
(with cream cheese or peanut butter) is one of the best things you can do for your prevention program.
Considering the number one snack in America are crackers...
we have job security!

Dr. Roger Lucas, DDS, Pediatrict Dentist and Biochemist, Author of More Chocolate, No Cavities

Founder of

What to Focus on -
 Dr. Lucas'
Three Prevention Principles


Keep Snack Times Organized, With Water in Between Meals

Eat every 2-3 hours. Not every 20 minutes. This is the number one thing to tell parents at the one year exam. If this habit isn't started early. It's over! This is the number one thing to educate general dentists, medical doctors, and the world!



Eat "tooth-friendly" foods

Studies show that most people  are horrible at predicting what actually stays stuck on teeth. We must tell them! Use the analogy: Fresh fruit is better than dried fruit for teeth. Fresh bread is better than dried bread (crackers) for teeth. Crackers are incredibly sticky, but nobody knows it until it is too late! Recommend toast instead. Sign up below for my most up to date snack guide that you can put your own logo on for free.



Help your child brush every night for 20 seconds nightly until ages 6 or 7. Nothing except water after that.

It is better to help your child brush for 20 seconds once a day, than let them brush their own teeth twice a day for two minutes. If you focus on diet, then brushing can be for bacteria, not for food. (There is nothing to brush after eating an apple.) Switch to 2 minutes twice a day when kids brush on their own at ages 6 or 7. By being "real" with parents, you can get higher compliance. Let's face it: a three year old brushing their own teeth for four minutes is pretty worthless. I only spend 20 seconds brushing my daughters teeth, but I am very picky with what they eat.


There is hope and fun in preventing cavities!

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